Friday, July 25, 2014

In Memory of Eric Garner.........If I was a poet

If I was a poet, I'd come up with some lines that rhymed. to fully describe how I feel, I only need a few moments if you will. You see the police are supposed to protect us , not beat us to death. And when I die I don't want to fight saying "I can't breathe with my last breath." It's 2014 and black men can't walk down the street, eat skittles, play loud music or simply exist. If they do white men and police officers will say they're a threat or trying to resist. If I was a poet I'd gather everybody and say let's do something, you know rally or protest like Martin Luther King. But nah it won't work because too many people are focused on self and have taken their eyes off the dream... If I was a poet I'd go to every hood and tell every kid there is more than life to this... That we can get so much more accomplished if we love rather than hate eachother. If I was a poet I would remind every shooter that the victim has a mother. If I was a poet I would ask everybody not to forget their loved ones in a cell. It's hard not getting visitors, phone calls or mail. If I was a poet I would tell all my followers not to give up!!! I know the road ahead is tough. Am I the only one sick or hearing the news of Grand Park shootings, Marissa Alexander still not free, and Eric Garner dead at the hands of the police? If I was a poet I'd say enough is enough! but I'm not a poet, I'm just a realist that writes..... So click like and tell your friends to visit