Friday, July 25, 2014

In Memory of Eric Garner.........If I was a poet

If I was a poet, I'd come up with some lines that rhymed. to fully describe how I feel, I only need a few moments if you will. You see the police are supposed to protect us , not beat us to death. And when I die I don't want to fight saying "I can't breathe with my last breath." It's 2014 and black men can't walk down the street, eat skittles, play loud music or simply exist. If they do white men and police officers will say they're a threat or trying to resist. If I was a poet I'd gather everybody and say let's do something, you know rally or protest like Martin Luther King. But nah it won't work because too many people are focused on self and have taken their eyes off the dream... If I was a poet I'd go to every hood and tell every kid there is more than life to this... That we can get so much more accomplished if we love rather than hate eachother. If I was a poet I would remind every shooter that the victim has a mother. If I was a poet I would ask everybody not to forget their loved ones in a cell. It's hard not getting visitors, phone calls or mail. If I was a poet I would tell all my followers not to give up!!! I know the road ahead is tough. Am I the only one sick or hearing the news of Grand Park shootings, Marissa Alexander still not free, and Eric Garner dead at the hands of the police? If I was a poet I'd say enough is enough! but I'm not a poet, I'm just a realist that writes..... So click like and tell your friends to visit

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something to think about by Thornton Brunson

Making wise and well thoughtout choices is the single most important ability that you have. I say this because whether you weigh your options or not, you have to live with the consequences. I call it the domino effect(Thought, Action, Consequences). For example, If you think about embracing the life style of a thug or goon. Understand that its a self defeating and self destructive action. The unavoidable consequence is stupidity. Just look around, most have either died without having lived or like myself been sent to prison to serve long sentences. Almost everything that happens to you and every choice you make is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. You cannot out perform your level of self esteem, you cannot draw to yourself more than you believe you're worth, and without question the things you believe and say about yourself come back to you in many ways. Get self motivated this comes from self knowledge. Inspire yourself by believing you have the power to accomplish everything you set out to do. I often hear about the struggle, you know what the struggle is? It's the decision never to tire of doing what is best, good & right. I give no thing power over me.....but God Truly Thornton

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Biggest Regret By Jonathan Eddie Hartley

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received from Eddie months ago and it inspired me so much and gave me the much needed fuel to continue to press forward and fight for not only him but all of the children he represents. I want people to understand that these are children being sent to die in prison with no chance for relief or hope for the future. I believe they should be punished but it should be taken into consideration the age in which they committed the crime and the fact that their brains aren't fully developed. Do they know right from wrong? Of course however it is fact that children act first and think later. How many times have either we ourselves or our children done something that they have been told NOT to do? My grandparents told me of the dangers of sex and I didn't listen and became a teenage parent. I tell my daughter daily to make good choices and to be quiet during class because school is not for socialization yet learning and time and time and again throughout the years she comes home with a sad face or bad behavior report. I threaten her with punishment all the time about keeping her room clean and well lets just say it isn't clean as I type this. Children need constant reinforcement and have to be nurtured and loved. Even sometimes as parents when we do everything right our children will stray away. There are a lot of negative influences out there be it friends, money, drugs, alcohol and sex that can entice young people. As a community we have to pray hard that these influences don't get a hold of them. Once they do oftentimes its too late when we have realized that the consequences are real and have to live with regrets..... Excerpt from Eddie's Letter: "I try to always be positive you know, I wanna learn about business . I wanna learn about my culture and black leaders. I wanna learn about politics. I wanna learn about all the good things in life but I don't have the tools but that doesn't make me quit it makes me want to learn more, so thank you for the Malcolm X book. My biggest regret is making this decision to that landed me in prison and blowing all of my dreams. I was a great basketball and football player I was trying to go somewhere with that but I just made a dumb decision. I beat myself up all the time about it man if I could go back I would have just walked away. I know that's my biggest regret because it weighs heavily on my mind daily. I have learned that one mistake can mess up your whole life. I learned that the actions and decisions that I make don't effect just me but a lot of different people. I also learned its easy to get in trouble but hard as hell to get out. I learned to strive for excellence and be the best I can no matter the situation. I learned to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE (this is when my tears began to fall). I learned a lot and I still got a lot to learn ya know........FREE LIL EDDIE

Friday, February 7, 2014

"Fuck that, turn the music up"

Michael Dunn: "Can you turn the music down, I can't hear myself think." Jordan Davis: "Fuck that, turn the music up" On November 23, 2012 Jordan Davis and three friends were planning to spend their day at the mall "girl shopping" much like any other teen aged boy in America. They decided to stop for gum because Jordan commented they couldn't pick up girls with "stank breath". They pull into the gas station and the driver exits leaving the other three in the vehicle with rap music blasting. Within minutes after exchanging words with Michael Dunn about the volume of the music Jordan was dead. When the police arrived Jordan's best friend was crying uncontrollably and sobbing in shock. For the second time within one year I have endured the pain of turning on the television and watching the report of a white man taking the life of a precious young black male for something as simple as loud music. I watched last summer the horror of a neighborhood watch captain hunt down and kill a teenager because he fit the profile of a "thug". This time around a grown man ensues in an argument with a child and no one will ever know what was said because the music was playing and he took matters into his own hands. I sat in on the testimonies today of law enforcement officers, paramedics, and the young men that occupied the car. The defense is trying to persuade the jury that Jordan and his friends were shielding a weapon and that Jordan was attempting to exit the vehicle. Truth is the windows were broken and could only be controlled by the driver and the doors had the child safety locks enabled. Jordan never exited the vehicle or posed imminent threat or danger to Mr. Dunn. After shooting and ultimately killing Jordan he pulled off as if nothing ever happened. In the words of the political director of the Dream Defenders "America never loved us" We send a message to our young people almost daily that they are worthless. Over and over again we tell our young males that statistically they won't make it because there are more of them in prison than there is in college. They turn on the news and see that the standards are lower on standardized testing for children of color and finally that when you walk in a hoodie or have loud music you will be shot and killed and its okay. I was recently told by an audience of all males that they appreciate my efforts in saving the youth but I have no idea what it is like to be a black man in America. After thinking long and hard I realized that I don't exactly know what it's like to be stopped while walking in my neighborhood and asked "Why are you around here"? They simply answer the officer "I'm on my way to school" and the officer asks can he search him so on the sidewalk while traffic passes he spreads his legs and places his hands behind his head to be searched. Afterwards he is thanked and let go. This is a normal occurrence in the life of a young black male in an urban area. We have conditioned them to think less of themselves because society does it. Even on the popular series Scandal Rowan tells Olivia "You've got to work twice as hard as them to get half of what they've got." This attitude of inferiority is deeply ingrained in the psyche of our young men and it's up to us change it. I've said it before but I'll say it again. Black men I believe in you, you are more than what they say you are! P.S. Never Give Up Hope and Rest in Peace Jordan your death was not in vain. I will forever cherish your memory. God's Love- Renata THE HOPE DEALER

Monday, January 6, 2014

Reflection/Review by Danny Agnew of THE DREAM DEFENDERS

During slavery families were torn apart, freedom was stripped awat, mothers weeped, fathers were broken down, all hurt! The negro person had to tend to the masters case crop with absolutely little to no reward, but indeed we all remember. So why is it in the 21st century the exact same phenom is happening right now, under all our noses to our families and do nothing? This book not only serves as an example of what "bad" decisions can place you but as a reminder that pigmentation is the weapon in which th epowers that be fear mostand have tried to defenstrate by any means necessary. I am honoroed to personally have met Renata and am thankful for the message of this book and the work she does to help our communities. Being a once troubled youth myself, who spent time in prison I will personally push for this book to reach as many people as possible, of all races, in order to shed light on the reality of the unreal. I became emotional because I too tend to push this "beast" in the closet because of how ugly and scary it really is. This book has put a sense of urgency in my mind, body and soul to continue the fight for justice. P.S. Never Give Up Hope Daniel W. Agnew