Monday, January 6, 2014

Reflection/Review by Danny Agnew of THE DREAM DEFENDERS

During slavery families were torn apart, freedom was stripped awat, mothers weeped, fathers were broken down, all hurt! The negro person had to tend to the masters case crop with absolutely little to no reward, but indeed we all remember. So why is it in the 21st century the exact same phenom is happening right now, under all our noses to our families and do nothing? This book not only serves as an example of what "bad" decisions can place you but as a reminder that pigmentation is the weapon in which th epowers that be fear mostand have tried to defenstrate by any means necessary. I am honoroed to personally have met Renata and am thankful for the message of this book and the work she does to help our communities. Being a once troubled youth myself, who spent time in prison I will personally push for this book to reach as many people as possible, of all races, in order to shed light on the reality of the unreal. I became emotional because I too tend to push this "beast" in the closet because of how ugly and scary it really is. This book has put a sense of urgency in my mind, body and soul to continue the fight for justice. P.S. Never Give Up Hope Daniel W. Agnew