Monday, October 21, 2013

Time Waits for No Man by David Goodman

Yesterday was my mother's earth day , 9yrs ago exactly was the last time I enjoyed one of those days with her as a free man, then the very next day (which is today 9yrs ago)I was taken away.......When the judge gives you time, he doesn't tell you that you could lose your mother, friends will abandon you, girlfriends will deny you or any of the strenuous things that happen to guys incarcerated.....We're all responsible for our own guilt but when it's apart of someone you love you tend to sway away from it.........In Retrospect, I had some great times and reared some great kids but even they become a lil too large for you when you're sequestered..........Noone understands the agony and pain but those who've experienced it, lived it or even felt it's wrath.....Life's a bitch and then you die, so every minute counts. Make sure you tell somebody you love them because you may not get the chance later on , a simple gesture to someone down or less fortunate could mean the whole world to that individual..............There was this guy here guys were taking advantage of because of his charge(child pornography).....My wife met his mother and grand mother and for some odd reason he told them that I would be training him......They talked to her and told her everything about the young fellow, I was completely reluctant to become involved with that because I have so many kids and don't like people taking advantage of a child......However my wife was touched and said "why are you allowing those guys to take advantage of that young boy? " I told her the story and said I don't have anything to do with it , she said God gave you too many talents but now you think you're God by judging people and sitting around complicit with others wrong doing........It struck me so hard because no matter where you go in life you will always come in contact with those whom we tend to run away from(personality-wise) but when you make peace with their consciousness you free your own , you move onto a better place in life..........That young boy not only got in the best shape of his life, but he also built a confidence that can not be broken........I've been gone along time but I'm not broken , I'm not who they want me to be and nor will I ever be anyone but David.A.Goodman! Love is what love does.....Enjoy your day